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Selah Time of Refreshing Prayer Ministry

Join the call every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

at 6:30 AM (EST) 

Lines Open at 6:20 AM for Praise and Worship

Dial -In :(712) 775- 7035  Access Code: 688741

For Prayer Requests:


Preaching/Speaking/Other Engagements

*These engagements do not include assignments to preach at my home church*


  • 9/30/18- Guest Preacher- Sardis Temple Baptist Church- Newark, NJ

  • 9/23/18- Guest Preacher- Annual Men & Women’s Day- Congregational Baptist Church- Newark, NJ

  • 9/1/18- Speaker- 2nd Annual “I AM MORE” Conference – Philadelphia, PA

  • 8/25/18- Praise and Worship Leader- “A Summer’s  Eve’ Tent Revival – Scripture DC Ministries- Plainfield, NJ

  • 7/28/18- Facilitator- “How to Be Bold for the Lord” – CFMBA Youth Rally- Newark, NJ

  • 7/21/18- Intercessor -12 Hours of Prayer, Scripture DC Ministries - Virtual

  • 6/30/18- Psalmist- “Night of Praise” – Greater Friendship Baptist Church- Newark, NJ

  • 6/2/18- Guest Preacher- Gwendolyn Carson Ministries- Breakthrough Brunch- Newark, NJ

  • 5/21/18- Featured Guest- Being Your Best- Monday Morning Inspiration –A Dose of Verbal Caffeine- Virtual

  • 5/20/18- Guest Preacher- Circle of Hope Women’s Ministry’s Women’s Day “  Mt. Calvary Baptist Church- Newton, NJ

  • 5/18/18- Worship Leader- “Women of Purpose Fulfilling Their Destiny Through Christ” Joy Night- Newark, NJ

  • 3/31/18- Intercessor- Strong Women Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Ministry 2nd Annual – A Whole Day of Praying Without Ceasing- Virtual

  • 3/16/18- Guest Preacher- “Send Judah First” – Greater Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Newark, NJ

  • 3/11/18- Guest Preacher- Loving Grace Worship Center- Jersey City, NJ

  • 3/10/18- Speaker- Women, Heartbeat of the Community Conference’- Jersey City, NJ

  • 2/22/18- Guest Speaker – UMOJA – Mentorship Program for Girls -Jersey City, NJ

  • 2/10/18- Facilitator- “Love From the Inside” Conference- Jersey City, NJ

  • 2/2/18- Featured Guest – Inspired by You Ministries’ “Talk Time”- Philadelphia, PA

  • 12/22/17 – Guest Preacher- Highway to Hedges Ministry, Inc.  – Daughter of Zion Service “Walking in Divine Purpose”- East Orange, NJ

  • 11/25/17-  Guest Preacher-  “Full Armor of God Prayer Breakfast”, Newark, NJ

  • 10/22/17- Guest on Scripture DC Show- Virtual T.V. show

  • 10/23/17- Guest Preacher- Annual Women’s Day- Sardis Temple Church- Newark, NJ

  • 7/30/17- Guest on Let’s Be Real with Tara Spates Radio Show

  • 7/23/17- “Those Preaching Women” – Theme: Blessed is She… Luke 1:45 – New Ebenezer Baptist Church- Newark, NJ

  • 5/20/17- The Chosen 300 Conference- Inspired By You Ministries- Philadelphia, PA

  • 5/12/17- Guest Preacher- Women of Worship- Bibleway Deliverance Center- Roselle, NJ