About Tamara 
Passionate About Inspiring Others

Tamara L. Bethea, certified Professional, Disaster Recovery, and Wholeness coach, elder, psalmist, entrepreneur,  author, and founder of Abundant Hope Ministries. NJ.  Tamara accepted the Lord at the young age of eight, after being taught and prayed for by her godparents; their dedication to the Lord and their church proved to be the birthing ground for her relationship with the Lord.  She has served the Lord in a number of ministries; President of the Youth Choir, Usher & Missionary Board and the Youth Sunday school director and taught both the young adult & adult Sunday school classes.


In the year 2000, after continually seeking God’s will for her life, she was led by the Holy Spirit to the Mount Calvary Baptist Church. Under the leadership of Pastor B.O. Wilson, Tamara has grown as a child of god, and began allowing God to user her life and witness as he saw fit. Under her tenure at Mt. Calvary she served as an administrative assistant, Sunday school teacher, assistant to the Youth Pastor, director of the mass choir, and steward leader over the hospitality ministry. In 2007 she accepted her call into the preaching ministry, and served as an associate minister, member of the music ministry, assistant instructor for the new member’s ministry, pastoral teaching assistant and Director of Christian Education. While diligently serving at the Mt. Calvary Church she was appointed to serve as the Director of Education for the Quarterly Union Ministry of the Christian Fellowship Baptist Association, in which she held office for six years. In the winter of 2014 The Lord saw fit to transition her into a new season of ministry and moved her membership to the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Darron Thompson, where she served as an associate minister and steward leader over the Christian Education Ministry.   In 2019, she founded Abundant Hope Ministries where she is the Servant Leader.         


She is the author of a 30 day devotional “Wisdom for the Weary; Overcoming Life’s Obstacles which is designed to assist individuals who have and are currently experiencing a tough time with life. In 2017, she started La'Salle Coaching.  La’Salle Coaching is an organization dedicated to helping others overcome the issues and pains of their past, using techniques to guide them forward victoriously in their purpose. With the main goal and desire is to help people move from a place to feeling weary to living whole. Through her work with La’Salle Coaching Tamara reaffirms her commitment to "Helping Men & Women move from Weariness to Wholeness". 

Tamara is the loving wife of Jermaine, proud mother of 7 wonderful children and 6 grandchildren. 


Although she has faced many trials and tribulations in life Tamara holds fast to the word of God that gives her continual strength to remain steadfast and unmovable. She believes what the word says in Isaiah 40:31: But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.


Her Motto: Remember we already have the VICTORY; everything else we go through is for our growth and the benefit of others!

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