Are You Overdue?

I shared this Word privately, but God is pressing me to share it publicly:

There is a supernatural shift happening and we must move with it now. Don't find it strange that we are being forced to operate differently now. It's changing because we are no longer simply pregnant but we are PUSHING. SO BREATHE AND PUSH. WITH EVERY CONTRACTION YOU BEAR BREATHE AND PUSH. WITH EVERY PAIN BREATHE AND PUSH!!! With every attack. BREATHE AND PUSH!! DONT STOP UNTIL YOU GIVE BIRTH. SOME OF US ARE OVERDUE!! ITS TIME TO BREATHE AND PUSH OBEDIENTLY NOW BEFORE WE FORCE GOD TO DO A SPIRITUAL C-SECTION! BECAUSE HE WILL GET OUT OF US WHAT HE PUT IN US ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. HE WILL NOT NEGATE HIS PURPOSE FOR US

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