Growing up as children we all have different dreams, and aspirations as to what we want to be when we grow up. Often times those dreams are nothing more than glamorized wishes or fantasies, but sometimes unbeknownst to us, God gives us glimpses into our future.

Sadly by the time we reach early adulthood, many of those dreams are shattered due to life’s circumstances, trials and heartaches. We lose sight to those things that once gave us hope and inspiration, and get caught up... in the downward spiral of life complacencies and routines. But I’m glad to report that this is not so, all is not lost. There is hope and restoration for all that God has promised to you.

One of the best examples of this truth, is the story of Joseph (Genesis Chapter 37 to 45). God had given him a divine dream, that he would reign over his brothers, but before the vision was realized he would face a number of trials. He was into sold slavery, his master’s wife lied and had him thrown into jail. He helped exonerate a wrongly imprisoned butler, who later forgot about him. It wasn’t until 2 years after the butler was freed, that he remembered Joseph. It was almost 10 years, between the time God gave Joseph the dream, and the dream was actually fulfilled.

What am I saying? Don’t allow hope to be stripped from your heart and mind!! Moving forward in life, after a painful past, is at best a difficult task. Letting go of years of pain, suffering, accusations, rejection and betrayal can sometimes seem impossible, but when you place your life in the Hands of the Lord he can make what seems lost and forgotten, a bright reality.

In the journey to recovering your God-given dreams there are four things you will actively need to do:

1.) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding ( Proverbs 3:5) For if the dreams you possess are truly GOD-Inspired, then only GOD can bring them to pass. 2.) Don’t focus on the amount of time that has passed until your dreams materialize 3.) Don’t complain, Don’t worry, Don’t fret, Don’t give up, and don’t allow your situations and circumstances to dictate to you the outcome of your life. 4.) Worship God- The more you keep your mind, heart, spirit and soul focused on worshipping God, the less your circumstances will be in view!!!

Be Blessed!!!

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