Fight Forward

Too often we find ourselves fighting battles that we seemingly get stuck in. We let the presence of our opponents ( situations, circumstances, trials, attacks) bring us to a standstill . We feel like they show up at the worst time, times when we are still rejoicing in a victory or times when we are weary from barely making it out the last battle. We believe that since we have armored up, standing & fighting instead of running, that we are in a good place.

However,that's not always the case.If you fight and stand still too long, you are no longer making forward progress and will find yourself in a place of stagnation. Listen, the things you face are not allowed in your life to cause you to fail, fall or move backwards. Every opponent allowed into the journey of your life is to teach you a lesson, strengthen you and grow you. In order for their purpose to be manifested you must resolve to let the fight work for you and not against you.

Have you ever been outside on a windy day? When the winds begin to pick up and push you around, you don't just sit there and let the wind win. You take a step, you press forward and fight your way through the wind. No matter how high it picks up, you know that you must fight or else the wind will make you stay in one spot longer than you intend or push you backwards to a place you don't want to be. So you gather yourself, step forward and push through until you reach your destination.

Well just like you wouldn't let the force of the winds keep you in one spot, don't let the force of your opposition keep you in one spot. No matter don't let the force of your situation, the length of the fight or the re-occurrence of their presence keep you stagnant. Resolve in yourself to fight, but to fight forward!! Gather yourself, step in faith, fight with the power God has given you and don't stop until you reach your destination!!


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